How do I earn points?
Coins is the currency of BoomGift. You earn coins by do simple tasks then redeem coins for rewards.
Can I buy coins use In App Purchase?
BoomGift does not support In App Purchase to buy coins for now.
Why I cannot get coins after completing Fyber offers?
To get the rewarded coins, you'd:
1. Complete the offer.
2. Make sure network is in good condition when you open the downloaded apps.
3. Make sure you did all the actions the offer required. Often the actions are "open app", "open app for 3 minutes”, open app and register" or "reach level 5" etc.
4. Wait for a while (~ 1 hour for apps and 1-2 days for surveys)
If you still cannot get the credits, repeat step 2.
It takes some time for the offer wall providers to verify the offers. You could wait for 1~2 days. If you still cannot get the coins. You can appeal to offer wall providers by do steps below:
How to redeem rewards in BoomGift?
Open BoomGift, find "Rewards" tab in main screen, click it and you will see the rewards list. But you need earn enough coins to redeem rewards. Each reward has a specified price.
How many rewards does BoomGift support?
BoomGift now support four types of rewards: Amazon Gift Card, PayPal Cash, Google Play Gift Card, iTunes Gift Card.
Why I can't see Gift Cards Rewards in my BoomGift?
We support PayPal Cash all over the world, so if you cannot see gift cards please redeem PayPal Cash, then use cash to buy those gift cards.
What is friend in BoomGift?
A friend in BoomGift is that one user that input your referral code when they registered to BoomGift.
Why I should invite friends as many as possible?
You will get 30% coins from your friends when complete any offers. That means if you have 10 friends, and they earn 10000 coins, you will get 3000 coins by doing nothing! See? It's so easy! We have no limit about your friends amount and coins from your friends. So just invite more friends.
How to invite more friends?
Just open BoomGift, find "Friends" tab in main page. There are five ways to share your referral code to your friends: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Message, Instagram.
You can find your referral code at bottom of the friends page. Click to copy the referral code. Now you can paste your referral code to email or chat groups, let them download BoomGift and input your referral code.
Does BoomGift collect my private information?
BoomGift only requires two info: email and country. And that's all we need to send gift cards and PayPal cash to you. So you are 100% safe with us.